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Leadership That Prioritizes Soul Health

We know that, as a leader, you may not have spaces in your life where you can share the constant challenges and hurdles you face. Leadership can sometimes be a lonely place.  Soul Care's LeadWell  has been created for you, a leader, a pastor, a CEO, an executive... as a place of ongoing encouragement and support on your journey to soul health. You have been given the responsibility and privilege to look after not only your own flourishing, but that of those in your care, and we want to give you the tools, content, and experiences that will help you fulfill that mission.

Leader Care Plans:

Lead Well with Soul Care

Save 16-20% billed yearly:

Lead Well

$00 /month

What you get:

  • Soul Health Assessment
  • Soul Care Collective with Monthly Semi Silent Retreats
  • Confronting Burnout Online Course

Lead Well Premium

$7999 /month

All Free features, plus:

  • SOS Journey
  • Premium Online Community
  • Quarterly Spiritual Direction

Lead Well Executive

$249299 /month

All Lead Well Premium features, plus:

  • Soul Health Assessment+
  • Monthly Executive Semi Silent Retreats
  • Monthly Spiritual Direction 
  • Yearly In Person Retreats

Lead Well

Lead Well Premium

Lead Well Executive

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Soul Health Assessment
Soul Care Plan
Soul Health Assessment+
With Detailed Scoring Breakdown
Quarterly Assessment Reports
Quarterly Soul Health Assessment with 20min Checkin Calls

Online Courses & Resources

Soul Care Free Resource Library
Confronting Burnout
SOS Journey

Ongoing Leader Care

Lead Well Community
Soul Care's Online Community for Leaders
Semi Silent Retreats
Spiritual Direction
4 Sessions
12 Sessions
Executive Community
Soul Care's Executive Lead Well Online Community
Executive Semi Silent Retreats
Monthly online zoom retreats for executives.
Yearly In Person Retreat

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