Confronting Burnout

A Crash Course to Understand, Prevent, and Overcome 

We hear from leaders all over the world that they've been seeing worrisome levels of burnout in themselves, their peers, and their organizations. We're seeing it too. Are you?
In response, we have built a processing-oriented course, free of cost,  to help you and your peers truly confront whatever level of burnout you might be in (or anticipating). The purpose of Confronting Burnout is to provide some gentle guidance in reflection and spiritual practices that can re-engage your natural, God-breathed motivation, and restore balance to your life.


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While we call it a crash course, the aim is to provide accessible ways to care for your soul amid life's demands. Burnout is a prevalent issue, affecting many in various fields, and this course is crafted to meet you where you are, offering support to create real structure and growth to your future.

Join us on this journey of restoring your soul, equipped with a journal to honor your exploration and discover renewed fullness in your life.