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We have seen the results of burned-out leaders living uncentered, dis-integrated lives. We have seen what happens when people strive and work and keep going without any regard for their soul. It doesn't have to be that way... The SOS Journey will guide you out of burn-out (or help you avoid it in the first place!), and take you on journey toward the significance and value of soul care.

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The SOS Journey includes:
  • Six 1-2 hour online sessions including over 30 video and audio experiences(desktop and mobile support)

  • Two 45 min individual Spiritual Direction sessions ($250 if purchased separately)

  • 62 page full-color printable download

  • 8 specific Spiritual Practices explored

  • Individual Soul Health Assessment and personal score

  • Bi-weekly virtual meetings available with course facilitator

  • Soul Care Plan download ($55 if purchased separately)

You’ll experience:

  • A deeper understanding of how caring for your soul can change your life

  • Restored intimacy with God

  • A safe space for an honest exploration of your spiritual life and leadership

  • A sustainable path for long-term missional achievement and personal flourishing


With a combined total value of over $1,000 we are excited to be able to offer you all that is included in SOS Journey for a one time payment of:


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“I really, really, really liked all of the little talks that Mindy did, the teachings. I found them encouraging and... liked how she talked about the hard things. I just appreciated acknowledging that things can be hard. And that it's okay and it’s good to take time with those things.”

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“My Director was just so magical in the way that he got me to say a lot. There were times when it almost felt surgical, but it was also so fun, and painful at the same time...most of the time when I am talking to folks, it's me ministering to them, not the other way around. So, it was interesting to be on the receiving end, especially of something that was so uniquely personal and customized for me.

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It's a qualitative difference I feel since doing SOS. I feel more grounded. I feel more stable. I feel more sure of who I am. One of my temptations is to go around grasping for affirmation and attention and value. And I find myself doing that less. And I'm seeking it in the right place. And that feels like freedom. It feels refreshing. In Isaiah 58 It says, ‘You will be a well watered garden.’ I feel like a well watered garden...(I) actually have the source of water, and SOS helps (me) know how to tap into it.” 

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 "I just want to say to my spiritual director, ‘Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.’ It was like meeting a new old friend. She was just exactly what I needed...And it's too bad that more people don't experience spiritual direction. Some people don't even know what it is...after my experience, I think it's incredibly important."

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*names have been changed



How is it with your soul? Are you weary, feeling isolated, distant, and far from flourishing? How do we give ourselves the grace to safely search our souls? Mindy shares ways to define and interpret the language of the soul so that we can bravely confront the narratives that drive our “being.”

  • Video - The Soul Drives Everything - 12mins
  • Video - Page. Person. Plan. - 3mins
  • Reflection Questions - 10-20 minutes
  • Bonus Video - 3mins

How do we save our souls from burnout, from continuing on but feeling dead inside? What lifeline can we hang on to as we move from burnout to balancing speed and soul? Mindy identifies the four zones leaders will experience on their journey to living at Godspeed and paves a path forward with having a Page, a Person, and a Plan.


What can we learn from the oldest living trees on the planet that have withstood earthquakes, firestorms, and drought? How can we thrive amidst pain and uncertainty? In this lead-up to meeting with your spiritual director, Mindy invites you to share your own story and lays the groundwork for understanding how to be wholly integrated with God, self, and others.


In session 4, we will unpack the significance of Shalom Shalom from the Bible and connect it to the Five Dimensions of Flourishing: Spiritually, Relationally, Mentally/Physically, Financially, and Vocationally. 


How can we experience peace when overwhelmed with trauma? What is the role that grief and lament play in our life with God? We will explore ways to metabolize pain which eventually leads to wisdom.


Rest may in fact be the biggest challenge for leaders... but is absolutely vital to a life of flourishing. Learn to still your mind, quiet your soul... truly REST in God. 


Keep in touch through Soul Care's community of practice where we can receive authentic support from practitioners who get it, encouragement from peers who see you, and guidance from pastoral-hearted people who’ve been there

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