SOS Journey

Strengthening Our Souls - a Soul Care Course

Learn To Live Freely & Lightly

We have seen the results of burned-out leaders living uncentered, dis-integrated lives. We have seen what happens when people strive and work and keep going without any regard for their soul. It doesn't have to be that way...

The SOS Journey will guide you out of burnout (or help you avoid it in the first place!), and take you on journey toward the value and practice of caring for your soul.

Learn more about the course:

The SOS Journey includes:
  • Weekly sessions, practices, and resources, meant to fit into even a busy schedule 

  • Two Spiritual Direction sessions - choose your director, schedule at your convenience

  • In-depth Soul Health Assessment, taken before and after to see progress
  • Soul Care Plan resource ($33 if purchased separately) to ensure growth down the road

  • Reflection guides to help you apply what you learn

  • 30+ Videos and Auditory Scripture Experiences (Lectio Divina)
  • 8 specific Spiritual Practices explored 

SOS Journey is all about:
  • Reconnecting with God in daily life and awareness

  • Getting better awareness of your own soul health

  • Being known, listened to, and guided
  • Finding more sustainable ways to live, lead, work, and rest 
  • Discovering a sustainable path for long-term missional achievement and personal flourishing

You're committing to:
  • One to two hours per week 
  • Taking responsibility of your soul's health
  • Re-arrange your life, radically if need be, for the benefit of those you love, lead, and for your own walk with God
Avoid burnout, find rhythm, and safeguard your work for:$199

*Contact Us about taking teams from your organization or team through SOS as a cohort


Where is the SOS Journey located, and how will I access it?

SOS is housed inside our digital community on Mighty Networks called the "Soul Care Collective". The Collective has courses, community events, personal and leadership resources, and more. This professional platform helps you track your progress, connect you to others, and is available on desktop or mobile app. 

What is spiritual direction, and how does it work within SOS?

Spiritual Direction is a key part of the SOS Journey! These 1 on 1 personal sessions offer a safe, non-anxious space, to discover together where God is at work in your life. As SOS begins, you will be able to choose who you’d like to meet with and schedule your calls directly.  If you need help choosing, our team can assist you.

SOS sounds great, but how will I find the time for it in my busy schedule?

We designed SOS to work flexibly within almost any schedule. As little as an hour per week would still be a great start to learn these practices and make space to meet with God! Whether you’re in  business, non-profit work, healthcare, education, or other organizational leadership...  we desire to serve you, especially when you don’t have time for soul care. That’s why we created this journey!

What are people saying about their experience with SOS?

“I was surprised at how engaging the videos were. The environment was BEAUTIFUL and that in itself helped me to feel like I was escaping my current surroundings.” 

“It changed the way I show up in the world for myself and others.” 

“Taking time for rest - I learned the importance of taking even just a short time each day for myself.”

“I would encourage others to take part in this experience. I would describe it as engaging and 
easy to accomplish on a weekly basis.”

“The spiritual practices were so great! I am so excited to have learned some practices that I can continue to apply. My spiritual Director was so encouraging and wise. She asked such great questions!”

“I was surprised how helpful the spiritual direction sessions were.”

“This soul care experience is so simple, yet transformative. It is refreshing! Thank you so much for helping us take care of our own souls. God bless you!”

“I felt this was a valuable experience and I truly appreciated the spiritual director sessions.”

“This was so helpful and freeing. It was time well invested. I am so glad that I took the time for this journey!”

Can I do SOS with friends or a small group?

Yes, SOS was originally designed to be done within community, to go on a journey together. Set a start time, and plan to meet together weekly either in person or over zoom to share and learn from each other. There are group chat functions within the course where you are able to share and discuss, as well. Or if you're interested in taking a cohort through the course check out the SOS Journey for teams.

How long do I have access to the course for?

Access to SOS is indefinite. Some will take a longer than others to go through each session, or others simply want to start at a later date. That is ok! 

What if I want to give SOS as a gift to a friend or colleague?

Reach out to us at and request to give SOS away! We will walk you through how to purchase it as a gift. 

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“I really, really, really liked all of the little talks that Mindy did, the teachings. I found them encouraging and... liked how she talked about the hard things. I just appreciated acknowledging that things can be hard. And that it's okay and it’s good to take time with those things.”

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“My Director was just so magical in the way that he got me to say a lot. There were times when it almost felt surgical, but it was also so fun, and painful at the same time...most of the time when I am talking to folks, it's me ministering to them, not the other way around. So, it was interesting to be on the receiving end, especially of something that was so uniquely personal and customized for me.

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It's a qualitative difference I feel since doing SOS. I feel more grounded. I feel more stable. I feel more sure of who I am. One of my temptations is to go around grasping for affirmation and attention and value. And I find myself doing that less. And I'm seeking it in the right place. And that feels like freedom. It feels refreshing. In Isaiah 58 It says, ‘You will be a well watered garden.’ I feel like a well watered garden...(I) actually have the source of water, and SOS helps (me) know how to tap into it.” 

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 "I just want to say to my spiritual director, ‘Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.’ It was like meeting a new old friend. She was just exactly what I needed...And it's too bad that more people don't experience spiritual direction. Some people don't even know what it is...after my experience, I think it's incredibly important."

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*names have been changed

Prior SOS Journey Participants

Interested in SOS for your team or organization?

Take your team on an enriching 8-week SOS Journey. Alongside the incredible individual benefits of SOS, a dedicated facilitator will guide your group, providing ongoing support through weekly check-ins and emails. Additionally, we will provide a comprehensive assessment of your team's overall soul health. Kindly complete the form below, and we will be in touch with you very soon!