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Our History

Soul Care helps you live from a healthy soul and wisely lead others towards authentic transformation.

In 1998, Mindy Caliguire launched Soul Care to be a publishing and ministry vision dedicated to helping people restore health to their souls. The growing hunger for authentic Christian spirituality continues, along with a need for practical help in experiencing God. As a result, the vision of Soul Care continued to emerge. Consulting and speaking with groups such as the Willow Creek Association, Renovaré, and the Salvation Army has broadened the Soul Care platform to ministries and churches globally.

So what makes a soul healthy? Quite simply, a soul is healthy to the extent that it experiences a strong connection and receptivity to God. Jesus invites us to a life of deep connection: "If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me, you can do nothing" (John 15:5, TNIV). However, connecting this spiritual reality to how we actually live is another matter.

Over the years, Soul Care developed more ways to help you deepen your own spiritual reality, and inspire the same in others. We provide resources, gatherings, and consulting with an aim to:

  • Foster an authentic life with God

  • Help organizations lead towards growth of those they serve

  • Mentor leaders to focusing on re-establishing their spiritual vitality as the primary step towards a lifestyle of sustainable ministry and leadership

Our prayer is that you will find practical wisdom and even some companionship on the journey in this way of life—restoring life and health to your soul, releasing your God-given potential and destiny. Explore practical ways to restore life and vitality to your soul, the "soul" of your team, and the vision of your organization.


The Soul Care Team


Mindy Caliguire

Mindy is the founder of Soul Care, a spiritual formation ministry that exists to increase “soul health” in the Body of Christ. She serves as an Executive Director of Spiritual Formation at Gloo (, and prior to that served as Director of Transformation Ministry for the Willow Creek Association (WCA). Her books include STIR: Spiritual Transformation in Relationships, Become Like Jesus, Discovering Soul Care, Spiritual Friendship, Soul Searching and Simplicity, as well as Write for Your Soul: The Whys and Hows of Journaling.

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Jeff Caliguire

Our first teammate!  Besides being Mindy’s husband, Jeff pastored for nearly a decade in the Boston area and has a deep passion for the soul care of leaders. For the past past 18 years he has been coaching and mentoring those open to discovering and engaging their authentic purpose and potential in their work and leadership ( He trains coaches through The Coaching Transformation Academy and is the author of numerous books that include The Habits of Hope and co-author of Write for Your Soul: The Why’s and How’s of Journaling. Jeff holds a ThM from Dallas Theological Seminary.

Linda Rankin

Linda is a licensed minister who has been in full time ministry at the local church level for 12 years. She currently serves as the Care and Prayer Pastor at EastLake Church in San Diego and sits on their leadership team. Outside of work she enjoys time with her family, pets, and any activity involving the ocean. She has been trained in contemplative spiritual direction through Selah and is currently in year two of a three year Somatic Experiencing TM program around trauma and the body.

Cheri Hudspith

Cheri and Mindy have been dreaming together about Soul Care for leaders since their first conversation in 2012. Currently she offers Spiritual Direction to leaders in a variety of contexts. She is passionate about educating leaders on the value of Spiritual Direction and assisting them in finding a Director. Her Spiritual Direction training was through Selah, and currently serves on their staff as a Supervisor to SDs in training. Through Grafted Life Ministries, Cheri has helped leaders bring formation communities and practices into their local church and loves every opportunity she is given to continue to do so. Prior to relocating to the Upper Midwest, she served on the staff of her church in Texas. She holds a Master of Arts in Theology from Fuller.


Andy Tucker

Andy is actually a superhero, but besides that is also a former pastor holding a Masters degree in Christian Studies, a professional, licensed counselor with a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology and has become a certified coach as part of The Coaching Transformation Academy.  He has experience in management in corporate America as well as having launched numerous businesses. He has a particular passion around building the heart and soul of leaders of ministries and organizations.

Scott & Joann Richardson

The Soul Care team met Scott and Joann two years ago and found they have a similar passion for soul care and helping leaders discover healthy ways of living that lead to an integrated life and sustainable ministry.  This passion prompted them to move to Beirut, Lebanon in 2018 to offer spiritual formation guidance to national and international ministry leaders. Scott served in the corporate world in engineering, sales, marketing, and training for a global manufacturing company, is an ATD Certified Professional in Learning and Performance, as well as a Transformational Coach.


Al Abdulla

As an Executive Coach, Al specializes in helping leaders get where they truly want to go with fullness of soul. He has extensive leadership experience as an entrepreneur, executive leader, and church planter. He has been a keynote speaker at some of the top universities in the country, including Harvard, MIT, Boston College and Gordon College. In 2012, Al and his wife Nina moved from CA to plant one of the fastest growing churches in the city of Boston. Near burnout, Al decided to work with a leadership coach, hoping it would help him refocus and find renewal. That work was so transformative that Al decided to pursue studies in Organizational Psychology, eventually also becoming a leadership coach. When working with teams, Al adds value through empathy, clarity, authenticity, and execution. Al holds a Masters in Educational Development and a M.A. in Business. He is a life-long learner who enjoys jiu jitsu, physical training, hiking, surfing, snuggling with his family, 90’s hip hop, and sunshine!


Steve Arden

Steve’s mission is to create a safe place for people to do their soul work so they can be present with themselves and with God.  He is passionate in helping people connect intimately with the Lord. As a member of Willow Creek Community Church, Steve has served in the couple’s and men’s ministries. He currently serves in Restore, a marriage restoration ministry. 

Steve received advanced certificates in spiritual formation and spiritual direction through Moody Bible Institute and is a graduate of the University of Illinois, Urbana. Steve attended initial and second level Crucible Project weekends. Steve is a CPA, worked in public accounting, was the CFO for two different corporations as well as running his own retail business for seventeen years. 

Steve is renewed in nature and is an avid photographer of birds and other wildlife. He rides the Fox River bike trails and enjoys fishing.  Steve and his wife April live in Dundee, Illinois. They have three adult children. 


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