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Helping the World Care for the Soul

The term “Soul Care” is used widely, in many contexts, and has deep historical roots. For millennia, the care of souls has been absolutely central to the mission and purpose of God’s people.

Soul Care has also come to mean our personal resolve to build a life deeply connected to God—the path to true flourishing. That kind of life spills over into everything: work, relationships, service, art, leadership, health, and beyond. 

Our world is an increasingly fearful, angry, and isolating place. Leaders find themselves exhausted and depleted. People everywhere resonate with the need for inner wholeness, resilience, and general well-being.  We have suffered through a global pandemic, bitter divisions, and even outright war. These are not new to the human story, but they are unprecedented in our lifetimes.

Truly vibrant souls are able to sustainably bring real-world solutions and deep healing. The world needs soul care not only to feel better, which is important, but also in order to bring fresh energies and creativity in meeting the demands of reality.

To that end, a growing virtual team has gathered to offer a deeply grounded posture of love, service, and clear invitation into this life. We partner with individuals, churches, organizations, and thought leaders around the world to further this work together. We believe the time is NOW, and we look forward to getting to know you, too.

Team Soul Care

Mindy Caliguire
Co-founder & President

Mindy is the co-founder and president of Soul Care. In the past has served in executive leadership at Gloo (www.gloo.us), and the Willow Creek Association (now Global Leadership Network). She speaks and advises into organizations including Compassion International, ECFA, National Christian Foundation, and many churches and ministries across the US and beyond. Mindy’s books include Discovering Soul Care, Spiritual Friendship, STIR and Ignite Your Soul (September '24).

Lacey Mason
Senior Director of Operations

At Soul Care Lacey blends her passion for discipleship with her extensive corporate experience as a brand consultant and qualitative research expert. Backed by years of supporting Fortune 500 clients, a Masters in Spiritual Formation, and training in Spiritual Direction, she helps people and organizations flourish by gaining deeper insight into themselves.

Executive Assistant

Lindsey and her husband have passionately served in various ministryroles for over two decades. With a degree in Sociology from theUniversity of Colorado, Lindsey has also contributed herorganizational skills in administrative positions across differentorganizations. She thrives behind the scenes, ensuring that everything runs smoothly to make impactful things happen. Lindsey finds joy in her role as a mother to her two daughters. She loves traveling or spending time outdoors with her family.

Casey Tygrett
Spiritual Direction Practice

Casey is the lead of Soul Care's Spiritual Direction practice. He has served in both small rural churches and suburban megachurches since 1997, and has taught undergraduate and graduate seminary courses in the US and Australia since 2005. He is the author of two books, “Becoming Curious: A Spiritual Practice of Asking Questions” and “As I Recall: Discovering the Place of Memories In Our Spiritual Life.” Casey specializes in serving leaders dealing with pace and burnout, those in a season of discerning a new direction in their vocation, and those moving through a season of deconstructing and reconstructing their faith.

Eric Camfield
Coaching Practice Lead

Eric currently serves as the Coaching Director for Soul Care and is founder and president of Altar Fly Fishing, a nonprofit ministry bringing soul care, renewal, and transformational coaching to pastors, leaders, men, and women through the art and beauty of fly fishing. Eric has served in pastoral, executive, and consulting ministries in a variety of contexts and enjoyed early years of playing professional baseball and executive business leadership.

daniel norris
Senior Director Communications & Technology
Daniel Norris

Daniel is a digital marketing expert with a passion for empowering young people. After a decade in the nonprofit sector, he transitioned to digital marketing, leveraging his experience working with young people to understand their digital habits. He now collaborates with businesses and nonprofits globally to create a positive impact in the digital age.

Jon Caliguire
Video Content Specialist

Jon is our video content specialist! He has been telling stories through his photography and videos for over a decade, and many of the pictures here on this website are his own. He's here to help us tell our own story, and amplify the voices of our network along the way. He's obsessed with cameras, surfing, climbing, mountains and trying to be a good friend to the people he loves.

Meredith Ainley
Soul Care Collective Community Manager
Meredith Ainley

Meredith graduated with an MDiv from Fuller Theological Seminary in 2016, where she served as a chaplain on the pastoral care team. During that time she also served as Director of Children, Youth, and Global Outreach at a local church in Santa Monica, CA. After serving in ministry for over a decade, Meredith left the west coast and worked as an International Recruitment Consultant and now offers vocational discernment coaching to international students, specifically students at Wycliffe Hall, the evangelical college at the University of Oxford. She joined the Soul Care Team in autumn of 2022 as Community Manager for The Soul Care Collective, facilitating community engagement and value in our global digital network. Meredith is passionate about helping others grow in vocational discernment and spiritual formation, she loves being outdoors or in a kayak, and is her best self around dogs and lots of trees.

Social Media Manager

Kayla is a writer, visual artist, and social media manager with 8+ years experience serving with missions and non-profit organizations globally. She has a Bachelor of Education in primary teaching and is passionate about empowering young people to share their story. She is based in Harpenden, England (and loves to travel!).

Josh Caliguire
Senior Director of Development

Josh serves as Senior Director of Development for Soul Care, providing support, hospitality, and guidance to our partnerships. He and his wife Geertje were involved with YWAM in Mazatlan, Mexico for 5 years, staffing discipleship/missions training courses. Josh also led the recruitment department, developing the team and platforms to scale for growth, aiming to send and equip the next generation for cross-cultural missions. He is a surfer, musician, and loose leaf tea aficionado.

Yo Miller
Soul Care Collective Host
Yolanda "Yo"

Yolanda ("Yo") serves Soul Care as a Host in the Collective, Soul Care's digital community for those who long to grow in soul health together. Once upon a time, she was a youth pastor, but now she leads graduate students in spiritual formation groups at Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, as well as cohorts with Fuller’s De Pree Center for Leadership for those in the marketplace who are exploring God’s calling. She launched a soul care ministry in January 2021 and is a soul coach and trained spiritual director. The common thread through all of these callings is a passion for helping people discover their identity in Christ, what they were created to do with their life, and a deeper intimacy with their Creator.

Shawn Smucker 2
Communications & Copy Writer

Shawn directs the communications effort at Soul Care, providing guidance for all the many ways that we interact with the wider world. He's also a collaborator, co-writer, and the author of five award-winning novels. He graduated from Messiah University with a degree in English. Shawn and his wife Maile live in Lancaster, PA, with their six children and a Labrador named Winnie.

Communications & Growth Specialist

Jordan is a long-term missionary currently based in Mexico with his wife and kids. Filled with a passion for using cutting-edge marketing and sales platforms for the Great Commission, he partners with missions organizations and nonprofits to improve their communications and increase their impact. Jordan has over 20 years of experience in media and communications technology, as well as 16 years on the mission field. He fuses his love for calling people into missions with his involvement in Soul Care; to see all who are called to ministry, arrive... and THRIVE in that calling.




Director at both Josh Leadership Ltd and Josh Leadership Academy. Sola is a business executive with over 25 years of working experience in the Tech industry. Sola has spent numerous years working on global HR systems implementation and consulting with major international organisations and fast-growing Small and Medium Size businesses. He mentors and ministers to business leaders and pastors around the world.



Principal Consultant, The Table Group
President, Sophos Executive Leadership
Sandra draws upon over 25 years of executive leadership development, adult learning, and business experience to help senior executives and management teams increase their interpersonal effectiveness and improve individual and organizational performance.



Sam Song is the Pastor of Purpose Driven Development at Saddleback Church where he trains and coaches pastors globally. He has served in executive leadership at Newsong Church. He serves as a strategic advisor to Soul Care.

Soul Care has been blessed with many wise advisors and friends...some of which have dedicated time to provide specific guidance and support.
We are so grateful.

"... victory is won through many advisers."
Proverbs 24:6

Our Origins

While church planting in Boston, Jeff and Mindy Caliguire co-founded Soul Care in 1998 with a dream to make the Christian spiritual life accessible, compelling, and transformational for those seeking authentic spiritual growth. Today, Jeff leads wetraincoaches.com, while Mindy continues to lead Soul Care. They share a vision for Whisper Ranch: a new space for Being, Belonging, Becoming, and Blessing in Boulder, Colorado.

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