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The term “Soul Care” is used widely, in many contexts, and has deep historical roots. For millennia, the care of souls has been absolutely central to the mission and purpose of God’s people.

Soul Care has also come to mean our personal resolve to build a life deeply connected to God—the path to true flourishing. That kind of life spills over into everything: work, relationships, service, art, leadership, health, and beyond. 

Our world is an increasingly fearful, angry, and isolating place. Leaders find themselves exhausted and depleted. People everywhere resonate with the need for inner wholeness, resilience, and general well-being.  We have suffered through a global pandemic, bitter divisions, and even outright war. These are not new to the human story, but they are unprecedented in our lifetimes.

Truly vibrant souls are able to sustainably bring real-world solutions and deep healing. The world needs soul care not only to feel better, which is important, but also in order to bring fresh energies and creativity in meeting the demands of reality.

To that end, a growing virtual team has gathered to offer a deeply grounded posture of love, service, and clear invitation into this life. We partner with individuals, churches, organizations, and thought leaders around the world to further this work together. We believe the time is NOW, and we look forward to getting to know you, too.

Team Soul Care

Mindy Caliguire


Our co-founder, primary spokesperson, and team leader.

Coaching Practice


Eric builds key ministry partnerships, is one of our senior coaches, and gives leadership to our entire coaching practice of 8 coaches.

Chief of Staff


Digital Community

Yolanda "Yo"

Hosts The Soul Care Collective, our online community.

Casey Tygrett
Spiritual Direction
Practice Lead


Leads our practice of 25+ Spiritual Directors, builds partnerships, and develops strategic content.

Digital Community

Meredith Ainley

Hosts The Soul Care Collective, our online community and is the Community Manager for Soul Care Access.

daniel norris

Daniel Norris

Daniel is our Hubspot guru and leads digital marketing.




Senior Director, Global People Technology at Prosus - Naspers Pastor at Large, Hillsong Berlin
Sola has over 20 years of Programme and Project Management experience; 15 years’ experience in global HR systems implementation and consulting experience for major international clients. He mentors and ministers to business leaders and pastors around the world.



Principal Consultant, The Table Group
President, Sophos Executive Leadership
Sandra draws upon over 25 years of executive leadership development, adult learning, and business experience to help senior executives and management teams increase their interpersonal effectiveness and improve individual and organizational performance.



Pastor of Purpose Driven Development at Saddleback Church. Former Executive Creative Director and Chief of Staff at Newsong Church in Irvine, CA

Soul Care has been blessed with many wise advisors and friends...some of which have dedicated time to provide specific guidance and support.
We are so grateful.

"... victory is won through many advisers."
Proverbs 24:6

Our Origins

While church planting in Boston, Jeff and Mindy Caliguire co-founded Soul Care in 1998 with a dream to make the Christian spiritual life accessible, compelling, and transformational for those seeking authentic spiritual growth. Today, Jeff leads wetraincoaches.com, while Mindy continues to lead Soul Care. They share a vision for Whisper Ranch: a new space for Being, Belonging, Becoming, and Blessing in Boulder, Colorado.

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