Wise Guides for the Spiritual Journey

We all need a safe space to process our journey, open up to God’s presence, and remain grounded through the opportunities and challenges of life. 

Our Process

Soul Care partners with some of the finest spiritual directors, who are each professionally trained and personally familiar with the unique challenges of life. They are fully aligned with the underlying practices and vision of Soul Care. Through our services, we will match you with a spiritual director that’s right for you.

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Make Space to Be Still

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What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual Direction is a set apart time to slow down, breathe, and get priceless input from someone trained and experienced, BUT completely outside of your work, church, and family context. With no agenda or connection to your current situation you are able to receive unbiased and loving direction from someone whose only job is to serve you, and help you stay connected to God and what He has for your life. 

Why should I do Spiritual Direction?

Many times we find ourselves isolated due to leadership position, physical location, or other circumstances, especially when it comes to sharing our inner journey with God. In that context, spiritual direction provides a vital relational connection with a mature and trained guide that often brings significant breakthrough and deep encouragement. Although one’s circumstances may not change over the course of a session, people say they leave those sessions feeling deeply peaceful: grounded, centered, hopeful, and aware of God’s work in and around them.

What’s the difference between counseling, coaching, and spiritual direction?

There are many forms of “personal journeying” that help us grow. While more could be said, a simple way to think about the differences between counselors, coaches, and spiritual directors is this: Counselors and therapists skillfully help us unpack various dimensions of past hurts and wounds, and bring us on a path of healing and more authentic living. Coaches help us name and align around our vision for the future and take practical steps to get there. Spiritual Directors help us pay attention, and be responsive, to what God is doing in us and around us right now. All three modalities are interwoven and can be helpful during various seasons of life.

How do I get paired with a director?

Feel free to choose one of our spiritual directors directly from our list. Many things can contribute to a sense of connection including schedule availability (time zone), gender, location, language, past experiences, or their training.

We also offer an optional free discovery session in case you have questions or would like assistance getting matched to a director.

What are spiritual direction sessions actually like?

Once you’re meeting with your director:

Spiritual Direction appointments are 50 minutes long. Your director normally begins with a practice like silence, scripture (Lectio Divina), or prayer. There’s always openness to walk through specific pressing or relevant things in your life, but you may also want to explore your desire for growth in relationship with God and self. Direction is highly customized to what your soul needs, and the relationship typically grows in trust and relevancy as time passes.

Do I need to prepare for my session?

There is nothing you’ll need to do to prepare for a spiritual direction session. Come as you are. 

Soul Care's Spiritual Directors

Casey T
Practice Lead

Casey Tygrett

Casey is an author, a professor, and pastor. As a spiritual director, he specializes in serving leaders dealing with pace and burnout, those in a season of discerning a new direction in their vocation, and those moving through a season of deconstructing and reconstructing their faith.
Training: Christos, 2015

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Cheri Hudspith

Cheri creates space where people can honestly explore their life, their points of wrestling, and faith-filled longings. She primarily meets with church staff and non-profit staff needing space to enjoy God and notice the Lord in their story.
Training: Selah, 2013

Deirdré Jansen Van Rensburg

Deirdré Jansen Van Rensburg

Deirdré is a pastor and faculty member for Sustainable Faith. She's skilled at helping people bring their pain to God to receive comfort, mercy, hope, and healing. She meets with individuals who have experienced ministry burnout, disillusionment in their faith, faced betrayal, are in a season of grieving or transition, or desire a safe place to explore doubts and questions.
Training: Sustainable Faith, 2016

Screen Shot 2022-03-09 at 1.26.29 PM

Suzie Richard

Suzie’s passion is to create safe environments and opportunities for people to experience God. Suzie specializes in guiding personal spiritual formation and soul care for ministry leaders and is trained in emotional healing prayer which is an integration of psychology and spirituality.

“Spiritual Directors are there to help others attend to God’s presence and revelation and prepare to respond to him. In other words, they help people attune themselves to God.”

— David Benner, Sacred Companions

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