Strengthening Our Souls Journey

SOS Journey For Teams

People are your greatest resource.

Equip them to flourish in life and work to ensure missional impact.  

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NEW 8-week digital journey serving individual and organizational health through cohorts of leaders experiencing soul care.


Improve culture. Prevent Staff Burn Out, Flame Out, and Drop out.

Participants Receive

Personal Journey ~~ Page, Person, and Plan resources & Engagement with Spiritual Directors.

Organizations Receive

Feedback on Overall Team Health.

This world-class 8 week online journey (just 1-2 hours per week) provides a comprehensive introduction to the themes of Soul Care in the context of leadership. The course is completed as a cohort, synchronously or asynchronously, along with a facilitator from Soul Care. The SOS Journey includes immersive video lessons and online content, paired with two personal Spiritual Direction sessions, all coming together to create a path to greater soul health.  

The SOS Journey includes:
  • Intro, 6 Sessions, and Conclusion spread out over 8 weeks with email reminders and encouragement (Each week should require no more than 1 or 2 hours of your time)
  • Over 30 video and audio experiences

  • Two individual Spiritual Direction sessions ($250 if purchased separately)

  • 62 page full-color printable download

  • 8 specific Spiritual Practices explored

  • Individual Soul Health Assessment and personal score

  • Bi-weekly virtual meetings with course facilitator

  • Soul Care Plan download ($55 if purchased separately)

  • Access to free Soul Care Collective community
Your team will experience:

  • A deeper understanding of how caring for your soul can change their life

  • Restored intimacy with God

  • A safe space for an honest exploration of their spiritual life and leadership

  • A sustainable path for long-term missional achievement and personal flourishing



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"When we speak of the Human Soul, we’re speaking of the deepest level of life and power in the human being."

— Dallas Willard

Prior SOS Journey Participants