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Our coaches help you get from where you are, to where you want to be. It's all about MOVEMENT. They are your strategic partners for your most significant journey, helping you discern and take action towards your preferred future. Most importantly, Soul Care coaches get at the deeper soul-level wellbeing that drives real-world movement.

Our Process

Soul Care partners with some of the finest coaches, who are each professionally trained and personally familiar with the unique challenges of leadership. They are fully aligned with the underlying practices and vision of Soul Care. Our matching service connects you to the right coach and package that is designed for your flourishing.

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What is Soul Care Leadership Coaching?

We help leaders clarify and pursue tangible goals while moving the soul toward health and vitality. The question we desire to answer with each person is, “Am I becoming the kind of person/leader who can fully live into the goals I am pursuing.”

How is coaching different from counseling and spiritual direction?

There are many forms of “personal journeying” that help us grow. While more could be said, a simple way to think about the differences between counselors, coaches, and spiritual directors is this: Counselors and therapists skillfully help us unpack various dimensions of past hurts and wounds, and bring us on a path of healing and more authentic living. Coaches help us name and align around our vision for the future and take practical steps to get there. Spiritual Directors help us pay attention, and be responsive, to what God is doing in us and around us right now. All three modalities are interwoven and can be helpful during various seasons of life.

What is a coaching session like?

Meeting for 60-90 minutes, each session begins with connecting with the leader, following up on assignments and/or reflections from the previous weeks, and progressing in soul health and goals through honest questions, answers, exercises, and conversation.

How do I pay for coaching?

Coaching is prepaid through a variety of coaching packages based on the number of sessions needed to achieve personal and leadership goals.

How does coaching impact my soul and my leadership?

We believe the key to leadership is a healthy, thriving soul. Your coach will help you articulate how you are doing and how to grow your soul while pursuing your goals. For many leaders, developing a soul care plan with your coach is one of the main goals in your coaching package.

How does coaching impact organizations?

Every organization consists of many parts: its teams and its individual leaders. The accumulative health of your leaders determines the soul and health of the organization. When organizations invest in the health of their leader’s joy, unity, focus, and productivity increases. The soul of the leader is the X-factor for next level organizations. 

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Soul Care's Leadership Coaches

Eric Camfield
Coaching Practice Lead

Eric Camfield

Eric currently serves as the Coaching Director for Soul Care and is founder and president of Altar Fly Fishing, a nonprofit ministry bringing soul care, renewal, and transformational coaching to pastors, leaders, men, and women through the art and beauty of fly fishing.

MSievers bio

Melissa Sievers

Melissa served both large and small ministries for 15 years prior to pursuing certification as a transformational coach. She joined the Soul Care team in 2020, first as a Soul Care Leadership Coach and later also as a Spiritual Director. She’s a champion of wellness in body, mind, soul and spirit, and loves to guide the spiritually thoughtful in discovering their unique design, discerning their next right steps, and living with clarity and purpose into God’s invitations.

amy moran headshot

Amy Moran

Over the past 30 years, I have been an integral part of many amazing teams focused on developing the mission, building ministry and making dreams and ideas a reality.

"After the past three months meeting with my coach, I am convinced we all reach points in our lives where we need someone to encourage us, to challenge us, to cheer us on—and to ask some really great questions. I was feeling stuck in a particular season in my life, and now I feel a new sense of freedom and I have a clearer vision for my life."

- George, Coaching Client

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