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Our desire is that you're well equipped for your journey. We've designed resources, many that are free, as great places to start and support your ongoing soul care. Here are a few downloadable resources: 

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The Essential Five for Leaders

A reflection guide to help leaders grow and better serve their people

Soul Health Assessment

Soul Health Assessment

The Soul Health Assessment helps you or your team pause to think about how the classic soul symptoms are currently impacting you.

Write For Your Soul
PDF Booklet

Write For Your Soul

The hows and whys of journaling

21 Day Jumpstart to Journaling
PDF Download

21 Day Jumpstart to Journaling

Get the proven leadership benefits of journaling!


Soul Care For Leaders

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and More

Since 1998, we have been championing the spiritual practice of Journaling... for its many benefits to heart, soul, mind, and strength. These days, we talk a lot about the importance of having a Page, a Person, and a Plan. The Page is all about the transformational and healing power of journaling!


Whisper Ranch

Whisper Ranch offers world-class yet deeply meaningful spaces where leaders can be, belong, become, and bless. Facilities include the flagstone Blessing Patio ideally suited for gatherings and honest conversations inspired by the epic views (especially at sunset). Additionally, three custom and professionally decorated sheds are perched on the property: the Dream Shed, the Hope Shed, and the West Bungalow


Soul Health

Symptoms of soul health and soul neglect have been discerned over many years of our working with individuals and organizations. The Soul Health Assessment helps you or your team pause to think about how these classic soul symptoms are currently impacting you.

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