Rest as a Weapon: Why Rest Should Be A Strategic Priority For Every Leader

Rest is often what you do when you're worn-out, spent, or have nothing left to give. But what if you made it a strategic priority?

If you think about business or organizational practices as weapons, what comes to mind?

Maybe you have a killer sales approach. Some of you probably implement laser-focused customer service strategies. Perhaps you have alignment management systems, or motivational practices that feel like effective weapons in the ongoing battle against entropy or apathy. Maybe your competitive edge involves recruiting and hiring practices.

These can all be effective “weapons” as you contend for your organization's goals and objectives.

But have you ever considered rest as a strategic weapon?


Graham Cooke introduced me to this concept, and it’s a radical way of viewing rest, especially since most of the world sees rest as laziness or weakness.

Rest is often what we do when worn out, spent, or have nothing left to give.

But rest as a weapon? Rest as a strategic priority at the top of your game? No way.
This concept is powerful, and based on my own experience of God and living from a healthy soul... I fully agree. Rest is essential to maintaining the right mind/body/spirit posture as we move out into our work.

Rest is key to how we combat the worry, anxiety, and fear which accompany attempts at great things.

Once you know how to rest and are properly rested, Graham explains, when faced with a threat, you gain the ability to internally retreat—while remaining present to the challenge.

From that quiet place in your soul, a place of belonging and belovedness, God empowers you to respond rather than react out of fear to the challenges you face.


Think of a current pressing challenge you face right now.

Is there a resource constraint? A bitter dispute? A mission-critical goal in jeopardy?

What if you could respond to that high-stress point—not with anxiety, but with peace?

What if it didn't send your blood pressure shooting sky high—but instead you could silently, instantly return to your belovedness, have a quick check-in with God about the whole thing, and then respond from that place?


We see this encouragement towards true rest all throughout Scripture, and Jesus's life gives us a living example. 

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.

— Matthew 11:28-30

Does your soul feel rested today? If not, what might Jesus' invitation to you be right now? How might you re-prioritize sleep, or silence, or a sabbath rhythm?

When rest becomes a weapon, your approach to life and work can come from a completely different place and pace.

A place of peace that is rooted in the way of Jesus. A pace that reflects our confidence in God.


How about taking a 2-minute micro-rest right now?

Set down your devices, set a timer if it helps. Just re-connect with God. Rest in God's presence.

It might just change everything.




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Mindy Caliguire
Soul Care Co-Founder

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