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The Wellbeing of Your Soul Matters

Everything in your life emerges from your soul. Jesus invites everyone into a life of deep, overflowing connection saying, "If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me, you can do nothing" John 15:5, TNIV.

Aligning this spiritual reality with how we actually live is the essential work.

We are here to help you on that journey.

For Your Team

Strengthen your teams efforts to lead through life-giving culture that drives enduring results.

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Spiritual Direction

Meet regularly with a professionally trained director to gain perspective and deepen connection with God.

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Leadership Coaching

Move toward specific objectives with accountability, encouragement, and a focus on soul health.

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Soul Care Collective

Join our global digital network of those who want to focus on soul care and help others along the way.

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Soul Health

Symptoms of soul health and soul neglect have been discerned over many years of our working with individuals and organizations. The Soul Health Assessment helps you or your team pause to think about how these classic soul symptoms are currently impacting you.

“Our soul is like an inner stream of water,
which gives strength, direction, and harmony
to every other element of our life."

— Dallas Willard, Renovation of the Heart

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Who is Soul Care?

At Soul Care, we desire to change the narrative about deep, unintentional soul neglect. We've been there, and have found a new way of life and leadership. You can too. We provide services, experiences, relationships, and tools for your journey towards Soul Health.


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