Welcome! Glad you stopped by. Perhaps you seek care for your leadership-weary soul. Or perhaps you seek language, resources, and guidance when inviting others into the spiritual formation.


Either Way, you're not alone and we're glad you're here. We've been there. Living and leading from a healthy soul is an ever-more important topic in daily life and in the strategic focus of ministries around the world. May you find encouragement, a sense of community, and a few practical helps here.


Soul Care is all about learning to stop occasionally for conversation, the chance to read, to rest, to open up to God's presence and guidance and--ultimately--love. And, Soul Care is all about bravely living into the destiny that God has for you. In His power, under His direction, and in His way.

Soul Care helps you live from a healthy soul
and wisely lead others towards authentic

About Soul Care

In 1998, Mindy Caliguire launched Soul Care to be a publishing and ministry vision dedicated to helping people restore health to their souls. The growing hunger for authentic Christian spirituality continues, along with a need for practical help in experiencing God. As a result, the vision of Soul Care continued to emerge. Consulting and speaking with groups such as the Willow Creek Association, Renovaré and the Spiritual Formation Alliance has broadened the Soul Care platform.


So what makes a soul healthy? Quite simply, a soul is healthy to the extent that it experiences a strong connection and receptivity to God. Jesus invites us to a life of deep connection: "If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me, you can do nothing" (John 15:5, TNIV). However, connecting this spiritual reality to how we actually live is another matter.


Over the years, Soul Care developed more ways to help you deepen your own spiritual reality, and inspire the same in others. We provide resources, gatherings, and consulting with an aim to:


• Foster authentic spiritual formation

• Help organizations lead towards spiritual formation and

• Mentor leaders to focusing on re-establishing their spiritual vitality as the primary step towards a lifestyle of sustainable ministry and leadership.


Our prayer is that you will find practical wisdom and even some companionship on the journey in this way of life—restoring life and health to your soul, releasing your God-given potential and destiny. Explore practical ways to restore life and vitality to your soul, the "soul" of your team, and the vision of your organization.

So Why Soul Care

No one sets out to diminish the health of their own soul…but let’s face it — it happens!


Sometimes, the demands of everyday life keep us from tending to the inner life. Sometimes, we severely under-value the importance of our interior world. But the rock solid truth is this: our soul's health drives everything that matters to us. It is foundational to who you are. In the end, everything about your life, your person-hood, is in some way a function of your soul. The health of your soul matters!


Something else is true about souls: They are living. Like all living things, our souls can thrive or shrivel. Every soul has a quality of life and a degree of health. Souls need keeping. But how do you find ways to do it?

The dream for Soul Care is simple and two-fold: That each person would realize his or her innate need for soul keeping and discover the simple and profound ways to do it. We believe that Soul Care can provide a unique benefit for those on that journey. If we each would take the time to care for our souls, we believe the world would be transformed one life at a time.


"Our soul is like an inner stream of water, which gives strength, direction, and harmony to every other element of our life. When that stream is as it should be, we are constantly refreshed and exuberant in all we do, because our soul itself is profusely rooted in the vastness of God and his kingdom, including nature; and all else within us is enlivened and directed by that stream."

~ Dallas Willard, author of Renovation of the Heart


On a really basic level, Soul Care creates events because we're passionate about seeing people meet with—and be changed by—Jesus.


In a world which is more and more about connecting virtually, we believe there is also value in gathering together actually. Whether we plan them or take part in them, our desire is that these activities inspire and equip you to live like Jesus in this amazing world.


Whatever form an event takes, we've found that as we focus on God, he does incredible things...he meets us where we are and we are changed. Come and see! To the right, you'll see upcoming events that we are planning. Hope to you can be on-hand for some of these great gatherings!


If you are interested in having Soul Care be a part of a future event, please let us know by contacting Connect@SoulCare.com.

Mindy Caliguire Mindy Caliguire is the founder of Soul Care, a spiritual formation ministry that exists to increase “soul health” in the body of Christ. She previously served as the Director of Transformation Ministry for the Willow Creek Association (WCA) and currently serves on the senior management team at Gloo as the Initiative Lead for Compassion International. Mindy serves as a frequent speaker and leadership consultant, working with local churches and national organizations such as Renovare, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Salvation Army, and Willow Creek Community Church. She contributes to Leadership and Conversations journals. Her books include STIR: Spiritual Transformation in Relationships, Become Like Jesus, Discovering Soul Care, Spiritual Friendship, Soul Searching and Simplicity, as well as Write for Your Soul: The Whys and Hows of Journaling, with her husband, Jeff Caliguire.
Soul Care Resources Each created to be simple (but not simplistic) guides to maintaining or recovering the life & health of your soul—that essential person created by God as you.

"Every time I read a book on this subject, every time I come to a class...it puts language to the longing in my heart."  - Troy, IL

Soul Care Series For individuals and groups, these practical and accessible guides invite authentic growth. (© 2007, 2008 InterVarsity Press; please contact publisher directly for large quantity orders and discounts, www.ivpress.com):  Learn More »

Write For Your Soul booklet

E-book. A terrific jump-start into journaling. (© Soul Care 1998, 2005) Learn More »


Become Like Jesus:

E-book. A vision for congregational spiritual formation.
(©Willow Creek Association, 2012) Learn More »


STIR: Spiritual Transformation In Relationships

Inspiration and real-life examples of how to build relationships necessary for discipleship and spiritual growth, at all stages of spiritual development. (© Zondervan, 2013)


Soul Health Articles

You can't be fruitful if you neglect the Source. Find our more about how to care for your soul through these helpful articles. Learn More »


Prayer of Surrender

Perhaps you might take this moment to offer it as your prayer as well. Learn More »


Core Spiritual Practices

Six core spiritual practices that can increase the soul’s openness and receptivity to God. Learn More »

Soul Care Pillars

Architecturally speaking, pillars are strong and reliable. They stand the test of time. Properly placed, they create space and buttress a structure.


Over time we have recognized the important, space-making role that core spiritual practices play in helping us both live and lead from the strong structure of a healthy soul, with plenty of space for God. These specific practices are foundational to what Soul Care offers.


Experience some right now:



Take a minute now to turn your thoughts towards God directly. Is there something you’re grateful for? Take moment to thank the Source of all good things. Something you’re worried about? Specifically name it… and ask for God’s help. Totally confused about something? Go ahead and ask for wisdom! Perhaps you want to simply sit in silence, attentive to God’s presence and love.  Just for a minute—or twenty!— breathe deeply, and rest in God’s presence and love. James 1, Philippians 4, James 1, Psalm 131


Spiritual Friendship

What’s the most challenging area in your life these days? Is anyone walking through that with you? Be sure to let your soul-level friends know what’s really going on. Pick up the phone, send the text, write that email, or just stop by… they may pray with you, encourage you, hear your confession, or even just “be with you” in it in a way that helps you stay open to God. Any of your friends going through something significant these days? Take a moment to pray for them, too… and then connect. Ephesians 4:16, Galatians 6


Use of Scripture

Unlike any other book, the Bible is “living and active” and a variety of ways exist to study, read, meditate on, and be shaped by the truths. We do not want merely to know the principles it contains: we want to connect with the Person it proclaims. We can rely on it, take comfort in it, be corrected by it, find hope and direction though it. Hebrews 4:12, Psalm 119, John 5:39


The demands of daily life—especially in our 24/7 “wired” world—make it difficult to really hear from God and allow His person to form the basis of our identity. Even Jesus needed time specifically set aside to connect with His Father. Might there be things God’s been trying to convey, but you’re not listening? Not noticing? Take a few minutes to turn off all electronics (yes, even the computer!), and pay attention to God. Better yet, look at your schedule now and set aside a few hours—or days—in the next month to “be alone with God”.  At-home parents, executives, pastors, students… we all need solitude. Psalm 46, Mark 1:35-37


Soul Searching

Where has God been at work in your life lately? In the pages of a journal, or in a few minutes of prayer, ask God to help you search through yesterday… where have you sensed His presence, or not? In hindsight, do you notice things you missed in the moment? Are there areas God has shown you where you strayed in an attitude or choice? If you’re human, the answer is likely yes! Confession yields life-giving freedom and soul-level peace. So, out with it. Come clean. Find grace. Psalm 139:23-24, 1 John 1



True simplicity is about developing a singularity of heart, or of purpose. It may impact our “stuff,” but most importantly it describes our focus—everything in life aligns to a central goal: Total surrender and abandonment to God. While many of us long to live into that kind of destiny, we often unknowingly clog and clutter our own path. Do you know who God’s made you to be, and for what purpose? How closely does your current life reflect that goal? Take whatever step you can today to bring alignment between those two things. By doing that, you’re caring for your soul through simplicity. Let God know it’s a journey you are willing to take… maybe write about it in a journal… and then pursue it wholeheartedly. Hebrews 12:1-2, Matthew 6:19-34, Prov. 11:3



Your soul needs care to avoid feeling depleted. Life, ministry, family can deplete you. Good theology and knowledge do not necessarily equal strong intimacy with God and sometimes caring for our own soul is the last thing on our list. Your soul is alive and has a quality of life ... Journaling is a good tool to use to care for your soul. Download Write for Your Soul and start your journaling journey.


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