Leadership Coaches

Eric Camfield
Coaching Practice Lead

Eric Camfield

Eric currently serves as the Coaching Director for Soul Care and is founder and president of Altar Fly Fishing, a nonprofit ministry bringing soul care, renewal, and transformational coaching to pastors, leaders, men, and women through the art and beauty of fly fishing.


Melissa Sievers

Melissa has 15 years of experience serving both large and small ministries, most recently, Compassion International. She's a champion of wellness in mind, body, soul, and spirit, and finds deep joy in empowering others to live out their unique identity, values, mission, and purpose.

Jeorge Holmes

Jeorge Holmes

Since 1984 Jeorge has served as a Senior/Lead Pastor and Associate Pastor. He is an ordained minister and has served as a Senior/Lead Pastor for 18 years in two churches and as an Associate for 9 years (3 churches). He also loves music and performs in a variety of musical and worship contexts in the Chicagoland area.

amy moran headshot

Amy Moran

Over the past 30 years, Amy has been an integral part of many amazing teams focused on developing the mission, building ministry, and making dreams and ideas a reality.


Joshua Carroll

Joshua currently serves as the Lead Pastor at Ethnos Bible Church, a small but vibrant multi-ethnic church in Richardson, TX. His passion is awakening leaders to forge a thriving culture. Over the last 40 years, he's been able to integrate an eclectic set of credentials and skills into his coaching method including: Spiritual Life Coaching Certification (WeTrainCoaches.com, formerly Coaching Transformation Academy), Certified Enneagram Coach (iEnneagram, Motions of the Soul), a PhD in New Testament Theology (University of Aberdeen, UK), M.A. in Spiritual Formation (Institute of Spiritual Formation, Talbot School of Theology), and M.A. in Theology (Talbot School of Theology).


Jeff Caliguire

Jeff brings with him over 21 years of professional leadership and executive coaching experience. Before this he co-founded Soul Care with Mindy in 1998. Jeff authored or co-authored 7 books including The Habits of Hope and The 8 Coaching Habits. Since 2017 Jeff has professionally trained and mentored coaches and taught coaching through his company We Train Coaches LLC. (WeTrainCoaches.com).


Lawana Maxwell

It’s been Lawana's joy to serve in various leadership roles within the church for over 40 years. She has experience with many facets of church life ranging from children to adult ministries, as well as community outreach ministries and non-profits.

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