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Ignite Your Soul is the story of the fires that nearly destroyed my life,  and the spiritual practices that led me into healing and flourishing.

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In 2021 in Boulder, Colorado, where I live, hundreds of homes and countless acres were destroyed by wildfire.

Nearly thirty years ago, my life unexpectedly imploded: a wildfire of the soul.

Each of these tell the same story, and it is our collective story: destructive forces can paradoxically illuminate a path for our lives to be set ablaze by the goodness, kindness, and nearness of a living and loving God.

Perhaps you find yourself among the charred remains of your life. Or perhaps you simply sense a dryness, a vulnerability, where one stray spark set to the tinder of your emotional, relational, spiritual self could set off the whole thing.

I am beyond certain of this: our living and loving God can paradoxically light a path for you as he has done for me.

Whatever destruction you or those you love have faced—and despite whatever burnout, flame out, or dropout has resulted—you can step onto this pathway to healing and flourishing.

On the other side of death is life.

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