Striving to Abiding (Outreach Magazine, 2014) 
Thruway or Partway (Leadership Journal, 2011)

Spiritual Formation Q&A (Mark Howell, 2011)
Two of Me (Leadership Journal, 2008)

Life with the Brothers (Conversations Journal, 2007)

Soul Health (Leadership Journal, 2004), Christianity Today's Top 40 articles from Leadership Journal's 36-year history

Soul Care Resources

Each created to be simple (but not simplistic) guides to maintaining or recovering the life & health of your soul—that essential person created by God as you.

Every time I read a book on this subject, every time I come to a class...it puts language to the longing in my heart.
— Troy, IL

Soul Care Series 

For individuals and groups, these practical and accessible guides invite authentic growth. (© 2007, 2008 InterVarsity Press; please contact publisher directly for large quantity orders and discounts, www.ivpress.com):