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Striving to Abiding 

Outreach Magazine, 2014

Spiritual Formation Q&A

Mark Howell, 2011

Thruway or Partway 

Leadership Journal, 2011

Two of Me 

Leadership Journal, 2008

Life with the Brothers

Conversations Journal, 2007

Soul Health 

Leadership Journal, 2004 

Christianity Today's Top 40 articles from Leadership Journal's 36-year history


An invitation for women in leadership

Join Women in Leadership content and community


Soul Care Books

For individuals and groups, these practical and accessible guides invite authentic growth. Large quantity orders and discounts available directly from InterVarsity Press.

Every time I read a book on this subject, every time I come to a puts language to the longing in my heart.
— Troy, IL


Spiritual Transformation In Relationship (STIR) explores practical ways for spiritual formation to become integrated into community life.

If you’re serious about building a ministry that actually develops environments and relationship where life-change happens, you’re going to want to add STIR to your thinking.
— Mark Howell

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Soul Care app for content and community

Soul Care app for content and community

Become like Jesus is a strategy book that describes the path toward leadership and church transformation... (from the foreword).
— Jimmy Mellado, President Compassion International, Former President Willow Creek Association