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Join the Soul Care Movement

If you are looking to foster an authentic life with God, to be mentored towards a life of sustainable ministry, or to to re-establish spiritual vitality as a leader, you’ve come to the right place.




Invest in sustainable spiritual vitality.

Services for individuals:

Soul Care Spiritual Direction

Soul Care Spiritual Directors work with you to deepen your day to day experience of being deeply grounded in the goodness and presence of God. By helping you process, explore, and develop your life with God, Soul Care Spiritual Direction helps you stay connected to the real-time presence and love of God, resulting in a God-directed, God-empowered, and God-focused life.

Rhythm: One 50-minute appointment per month

Soul Care Leadership Coaching

Soul Care Coaches work with you to identify and move toward objectives related to specific goals. Along the way, we provide accountability, encouragement, and perspective. By focusing on Soul Health as the key foundational element to all progress, Soul Care Coaching helps you change your life by changing the way you operate on a deeper level.

Rhythm: Three 50-minute appointments per month, as well as text/email interaction with your coach

Soul Care Leadership Coaching (Individual) - Pay In Advance
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Services for Organizations:

Examples of services for organizations include: Soul Care Leadership Coaching (3x/month) for six months or one year; Soul Care Spiritual Direction (1x/month) for six months or one year; Retreat in a Box; Leadership Retreat; Weekend Services; Workshops; and Speaking Engagements.

Market rates for direction and coaching differ by provider and nature of engagement. There is no fixed price, as pricing is customized to your needs and based on the size of the organization. Don’t let the price deter you; it may be cheaper than you think!

We want to bring value to all participants, our clients, our directors, our facilitators, and our coaches. We don’t want price to be a hindrance. We connect with organizations who might be willing to sponsor the payment of services for under-resourced clients.