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Please let us know if you are interested in partnering with Soul Care as a Spiritual Director or Leadership Coach.


Soul Care contracts with churches, organizations and individuals to provide high-caliber, leadership-sensitive Spiritual Direction and Leadership Coaching. We look forward to having you in the community! We envision connecting you with leaders which will allow you to walk in your vocational gifting while providing the potential for rich and long-term transformational growth for the client and/or organization. We are grateful for your partnership as we learn to serve leaders in ways both ancient and modern! And we appreciate your feedback and participation as we improve and grow.

Benefits to partnership with Soul Care as a Director or Leadership Coach:

  • New clients

  • Soul Care affiliation

  • Missional alignment: increasing soul health to leaders and organizations

  • Involvement in a community of like-minded directors and coaches

  • *Calendaring and billing support

  • *Ongoing development through training and resources

  • *Internet marketing

Spiritual Director/Leadership Coach Agrees to:

  • Participate in Soul Care Community Rhythms.*

  • Be included on Soul Care site.

  • Maintain appropriate insurance.

  • Use Soul Care email address, email signature and scheduling tools (provided) for communication with clients.

  • Big idea on client relationships: If it starts here, it stays here! :)

    • Either party, SD/Coach or Soul Care, may terminate this agreement at any time. Clients that are established through Soul Care will be retained as Soul Care clients upon your departure, and assigned to other service providers for ongoing care and support.

    • As part of this agreement, some clients will be introduced to you through their organization. As those organizational agreements shift over time, the client may choose to continue receiving services as an individual with you. In that case, that is still a Soul Care client and will still be managed through Soul Care.

    • As a courtesy, Soul Care asks that clients established through Soul Care do not independently begin relationships with you outside this agreement.

  • No more than 35% revenue share to Soul Care.

  • Work towards healthy relationships with Soul Care team members and Clients we serve.

  • Spiritual Directors retain active membership with ESDA

*In development