Soul Care Community Listening Survey


As you may know, I never came to this arena of soul care intentionally. It wasn’t a “great idea" or a powerful ministry vision. For me, it was a way to reignite my own dying soul.

Years of ministry leadership and failure to be intentional in my growth and relationship with God brought me to my need. I sought credible guides who “got it.”

These days, I still wake up dreaming about what could happen if the practice of soul care became an accessible way of life for all of us, not just a few super-saints from days gone by. (John 10:10)

What if??

With that in mind, I'm seeking your help and input at a pivotal point in the vision of Soul Care for myself and my team.

Would you take just about 2-3 minutes to share your feedback around soul care? This is totally anonymous, and will help us serve you (or you and your team) effectively in the coming months.

Here’s the link: Soul Care Community Feedback Survey