Mindy Caliguire


Mindy Caliguire is the founder of Soul Care, a spiritual formation ministry that exists to increase “soul health” in the body of Christ. She previously served as the Director of Transformation Ministry for the Willow Creek Association (WCA) and currently serves on the senior management team at Gloo as the Initiative Lead for Compassion International. Mindy serves as a frequent speaker and leadership consultant, working with local churches and national organizations such as Renovare, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Salvation Army, and Willow Creek Community Church. She contributes to Leadership and Conversations journals. Her books include STIR: Spiritual Transformation in RelationshipsBecome Like Jesus, Discovering Soul Care, Spiritual Friendship, Soul Searching and Simplicity, as well as Write for Your Soul: The Whys and Hows of Journaling, with her husband, Jeff Caliguire.  




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"If we each would take the time to care for our souls, I believe the world would be transformed, one person, one life at a time.” ~Mindy Caliguire